grimm_godson (grimm_godson) wrote,


The baby is doing really well he’s certainly got a healthy set of lungs on him. I’m pretty sure I’ve not had a full night sleep yet. I am seriously wondering whether to move back to my own flat so I can actually sleep. But tight now Draco won’t leave here just yet so I’m now trying not to fall asleep over my report and I’m heading out again with Ron on the search in about ten minutes.

Draco’s working on trying to find Percy too, I know Ron and the other Weasley’s are frantic we’ve looked where we can, locator spells just aren’t working and the clock in Mrs Weasley’s kitchen isn’t helping. We just have to keep looking until we see a sign of him. I don’t think Ollie slept at all last night, he looks shattered. Even Mrs Weasley can’t get him to sit down.

Anyone who can help please do.
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