grimm_godson (grimm_godson) wrote,

A Decade Lost.

The hammer's affected Draco and now he's ten years in his past which is a bit of a problem to say the least.

His latest post shows he doesn't even recognise anyone on Brawl let alone me. Instead the version he has of me apparently shagged him then dumped him and got married to Ginny. Try convincing someone you're a nice guy and you two are together if that's all they have in their heads.

It's not even my fault! It wasn't me that did any of that I'm only 19. Ten years ago I was still with the Dursleys.

Although apparently in his reality I'm the head auror, *grins* which is nice. Even if I did go grey at thirty, which is slightly worrying.

Looks like I have a lot of convincing to do but I did get to kiss him which shows he's trusting me even if its just a little.
Tags: draco, ten years
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