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Oh dear Merlin

There's one thing finding pictures of you on the internet but to find actual footage of old people, people you know snogging is the creepiest thing I have ever had to witness.
First how would you like it if you saw the father of your significant other as a psychopath and sex fiend...Yeah.
Murder No. 1
Murder No. 2

And if Lucius Malfoy wasn't bad enough, imagine seeing your own godfather snogging blokes and worse?
Bloke Number 1
Bloke Number 2

Then there's Remus, who I thought would have been the more sensible one out of the two, only the guy he's with looks about seventeen!

Now comes the truly disturbing bit Snape! Someone actually snogs Snape! Although the guy it is, is creepy enough.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...Quirrell

I'm going to need a lot of therapy after this.
Tags: fandom, traumatised for life
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