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Hey, my name's Harry, Voldemort's dead and gone. Reconstruction is in effect and I think finally I can get on with my life. *grins*


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Heehee [Tuesday
Dec 30th,2008
[ mood | ecstatic ]

YES! No more dresses!

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Kinda stuck. [Monday
Dec 1st,2008
[ mood | discontent ]

Right...Looks like I'm a girl...Looks like a few of us are...I don't suppose anyone knows how to change back do they? Or what caused it?

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My very public past [Sunday
Nov 23rd,2008
[ mood | cranky ]

How do people find these things about my life...this one even has Draco in it looking a little worse for wear.

((OOC - Spoilers cos it is the new Harry potter trailer. ))

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Umm... [Sunday
Nov 23rd,2008
[ mood | worried ]

Right previous entry aside which...people really need to get a life.

Anyway so far I've been healing nicely. But Draco seems to be getting colder, how's the cure going, any suggestions? I'm really getting worried now.

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Oh dear Merlin... [Sunday
Nov 23rd,2008
[ mood | shocked ]


I think I'm gonna go and be sick now

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Walked around the room WooHoo! [Monday
Oct 27th,2008
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I'm in a good mood this morning, I managed to walk about the room without anyone's help, the potions are working! I'll be back to my old self again. I'd dance if I wasn't exhausted.

Draco looks under the weather though, so I ordered him some pepper up potion byowl.

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Health Update [Wednesday
Oct 22nd,2008
Hi guys, sorry if I worried anyone. I finally managed to stay awake for longer than twenty minutes. ANd to get my fingers to work properly so I could type this...just about.

Just a heads up to say I'm healthy and well...well getting there, they've been able to take a few of the bandages off...unfortunately my boss died. Hi s funeral was last week, I managed to go for a little while. Just seems a waste.
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Draco [Wednesday
Sep 24th,2008
[ mood | sore ]

Remember I love you.

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:( [Friday
Sep 19th,2008
[ mood | anxious ]

Still ...away

I'm sorry this is talking so long love, we hti a few snags. I'll be home soon I'm sure.

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Settling down. [Sunday
Aug 24th,2008
[ mood | complacent ]

Draco’s managed to be a bit more settled now I think he’s getting more nights sleep, I’ve found a nice little nursery for Violetta to go to when September starts too, I’m sure she’ll love it. Plus it’ll give her someone other than the kids in the manor to interact with.

Looks like I have a new mission next week, I"m rather excited.

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001 [Tuesday
Aug 5th,2008
The baby is doing really well he’s certainly got a healthy set of lungs on him. I’m pretty sure I’ve not had a full night sleep yet. I am seriously wondering whether to move back to my own flat so I can actually sleep. But tight now Draco won’t leave here just yet so I’m now trying not to fall asleep over my report and I’m heading out again with Ron on the search in about ten minutes.

Draco’s working on trying to find Percy too, I know Ron and the other Weasley’s are frantic we’ve looked where we can, locator spells just aren’t working and the clock in Mrs Weasley’s kitchen isn’t helping. We just have to keep looking until we see a sign of him. I don’t think Ollie slept at all last night, he looks shattered. Even Mrs Weasley can’t get him to sit down.

Anyone who can help please do.
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A Decade Lost. [Thursday
Jul 17th,2008
The hammer's affected Draco and now he's ten years in his past which is a bit of a problem to say the least.

His latest post shows he doesn't even recognise anyone on Brawl let alone me. Instead the version he has of me apparently shagged him then dumped him and got married to Ginny. Try convincing someone you're a nice guy and you two are together if that's all they have in their heads.

It's not even my fault! It wasn't me that did any of that I'm only 19. Ten years ago I was still with the Dursleys.

Although apparently in his reality I'm the head auror, *grins* which is nice. Even if I did go grey at thirty, which is slightly worrying.

Looks like I have a lot of convincing to do but I did get to kiss him which shows he's trusting me even if its just a little.
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Jack Harkness - Papa Don't Preach [Tuesday
Jun 24th,2008
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey Jack, you should probably watch this.

With all the BAD WOLF stuff going on I thought I would help. Mione and I were researching to try and help and well we found this...

((OOC - seriously LOVED this vid, if you like it please please comment on the original post here it only takes a minute. Oh! And it has a download link for a higher quality version there too:) Thanks:D ))

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Oh dear Merlin [Thursday
Jun 19th,2008
[ mood | scared ]

There's one thing finding pictures of you on the internet but to find actual footage of old people, people you know snogging is the creepiest thing I have ever had to witness. First how would you like it if you saw the father of your significant other as a psychopath and sex fiend...Yeah.Collapse )

And if Lucius Malfoy wasn't bad enough, imagine seeing your own godfather snogging blokes?Collapse )
Then there's Remus, who I thought would have been the more sensible one out of the two, only the guy he's with looks about seventeen!Collapse )
Now comes the truly disturbing bit Snape! Someone actually snogs Snape! Although the guy it is, is creepy enough.Collapse )
And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...QuirrellCollapse ) I'm going to need a lot of therapy after this.

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Baby News [Thursday
Jun 5th,2008
[ mood | calm ]

Looks like we’re still waiting, has to be pretty soon I think. Draco’s on a knife edge waiting for this baby to be born. And I think even the houseelves are more jittery than normal. I’ve brought Vi back with me to the relative safety of the flat whilst Draco goes off to keep a closer eye on Celeste and the birth. At least I’ll have a sane person to talk to:*grins*

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Baby Panic Control [Monday
May 26th,2008
[ mood | amused ]

Draco's wife is giving birth soon. Draco's freaking out understandably I guess. It's just getting harder and harder to calm him down.
Any tips that don't include drugs?:)

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Sometimes I do have to admit my boyfriend can be absolutely bloody fantastic. [Friday
May 16th,2008
[ mood | happy ]

Alright so I have this old guitar of Charlie's he gave it to me about a year ago kind of like a growing up welcome to your own place kind of present. Well I've been picking it up for the last year here and there and I'm alright still learning nothing to really write home about. Draco picks it up and within a day he's playing it amazingly. Well I think he was trying to make fun of some of the bands I've got on my albums at home but yeah. I made him record himself and put it up online.

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Hiding out From Hormones [Saturday
Apr 19th,2008
[ mood | amused ]

With Draco's wife getting quite far along now Draco's been trying to pretty much stay out of the way of her hormonal rages so we've locked ourselves in the bedroom whilst she decimates the study. We'd be upto something slightly more interesting now except he's in the shower at the moment and singing...off key but I like it. Ah well I give it a good few hours before we can resurface without getting our balls handed back to us.

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Exhausted. [Thursday
Apr 17th,2008
[ mood | sleepy ]

How do these pictures make their way onto the internet...To be fair I do look like I'm shattered.

I don't sleep with my mouth open that much.

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We look like Worms [Thursday
Mar 13th,2008
[ mood | amused ]

Yeah was just brosing deviant art and found this... by venmephisto.

Firstly - why is Draco beating me wel alright the sectumsempra spell wasn't the nicest and I still feel guilty over it so I guess I can let that one go but secondly we look like characters from one of Dudley's Worms game...It does look pretty good though. I might just browse some of their other stuff.

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